It’s been a while

it’s been over 6months since my last post. Why so long? I dont really know… I updated my site, with plans to blog.away, instead I just put the “pen down” and walked away, so to speak. Good stuff has been happening, day to day stuff, life ebb and flows, and I’ve been riding the roller coaster called life, trying my hardest to live my best life.

I moved into my first home since before my divorce, said goodbye to apartment living. M&M have their own rooms, there is a great back yard, patio, and space for a garden, which is something new I plan to tackle in the spring. This was a HUGE step moving forward, and I did it on my own.

Right before the holidays, a leak was discovered in my kitchen, to make a very long story short, 2 months to be exact, I now have brand new floors, sub floors, drywall, and paint in my kitchen room. Christmas was not what I envisioned for the kids and I, with holes in the floor and plastic covering the walls, but we wont ever forget holidays 2018. I got through the repairs sanity intact.

In August, I met and fell in love with a man who has completely rocked my world. God had his hand in this, I have no doubts, it was the right time, for both of us….. true love is simply amazing❤.

This is only a synopsis of the last 6 months, dont want to bore you with all the nitty gritty details, but there is one detail that is I cant ignore; through it all, my sobriety remained intact. It is often said in the rooms of AA “dont leave before the miracle happens”….and damn it’s the truth! 5 years and I still work at my recovery each and.every day. Sobriety is a gift, this gift has given me my life back, actually a new life. Everything I’ve written about wouldn’t be possible if I wasnt sober….if I hadn’t surrendered, if I hadn’t be vulnerable, if.I hadn’t been honest, if I hadn’t asked sobriety is a gift that can be taken away quickly if I dont nurture it daily!! I’m so grateful I stayed to see the miracles.

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