Birthday Bucket List #2


I some how accidentally erased my post during my editing…ugh!!! So let’s try this again…

The big 4-0, it came and it went. No big deal, in fact my celebrations will continue this week. I embraced 40, I definitely do not feel 40, nor do I look 40:). (What does 40 look like??). I said good riddance to my 30’s. There were a few major milestones, which I am entirely grateful for(my nursing career, the birth of my kids, & getting SOBER). But I can honestly say the rest of the decade was a shit show.

So I say bring it on! I am excited to see what my 40’s have in store for me:). I am ready to live my life the way I want to live it! I spent 38 years living the way I thought I should live it or how I thought others expected me to live.  No more… Take it or leave it, it’s about me now, and what I want and how I can live my best life.

That being said, I have been giving Bucket lists some thought…ok a lot of thought…. I have decided to share my list with all of you. Some may think its silly, that’s OK. It may spark interest or thought in some, and that’s OK too. Its mine and I own it. Enough ‘I want to but’ or ‘I should but’…its time to start DOING!
So, without further ado…
Kate’s Bucket List❤
1. Fall in love (I believe in fate & soul mates & know mine is out there:).

2. Write a book. (Even if I only sell one copy;).

3. Travel & lots of it. England, Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina.

4. U.S. travel: Grand Canyon. Yosemite. A road trip down the east coast. (Maine-Florida).

5. A tropical vaca, to Bora Bora. Just me, a hammock, sunscreen, flip-flops, bathing suit, and a book.

6. Sky diving.

7. Hot air balloon ride.

8. Learn to scuba dive.

9. Learn to play chess (again;).

10. Take a professional cooking class.

11. Advance my nursing career (oncology nursing is definitely my calling, but I would love to give more & learn more).

12. Volunteer work…a must!!

13. Watch the entire Godfather collection (I’ve never seen any;).

14. Goto the Olympic games (as a spectator;).

15. Reach & maintain my ideal weight (I’m getting there!:).

16. Complete another half marathon. Easily accomplished pre kids… Much harder now;).

17. Complete a random act of kindness everyday…doesn’t have to be over the top..just give back and expect nothing in return:)



2 thoughts on “Birthday Bucket List #2

  1. Love your posts kiddo! You inspire me. Happy Celebrating! All year! What will you complete first on your bucket list I wonder . . . .
    Enjoy your day😛😝😎

    Liked by 1 person

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