Have you ever worked on a puzzle for hours, or days even(in my case), becoming frustrated, irritated, or just down right angry that there is that one piece that doesn’t seem to fit where you think it should fit? Do you become so pissed off that you consider quitting until almost like magic, the final piece does fit and you are relieve, maybe even joyous that you didn’t give up on the puzzle?  Now that it’s complete you say to yourself, ‘now what??’…at least that’s what I do.

So yes, I am comparing my life’s journey to a puzzle.  It makes sense.  I’m not really sure how I came up with this subject either, because to be honest, I’m not a huge fan of puzzles.  Growing up my family was very much into puzzles, especially during the holidays.  Of course, I couldn’t be bothered, and thought it was a nerdy activity.  While I was locked up in the hospital during my detox stint, I spent some serious time putting puzzles together with someone I now consider a big brother.  We started our recovery journey together, over puzzles, and are friends to this day.  Post lock up, I was on medical leave and spent my days in an outpatient program and many nights alone, with too much time to think, and I turned to puzzles.  I would stay up half the night, not wanting to stop, becoming obsessed with just putting together one more piece.  It kept my mind focused, it kept me sober in those early days.  My puzzle obsession lasted only about a month.  I began feeling better physically, the fog was lifting, and I was becoming comfortable in sobriety and in my recovery. The puzzles have been in my closet ever since.  Its a reminder of where I came from…

At this point in time I can confidently say that all the pieces are currently in place. That being said, I  am not ignorant to think that some pieces could get lost or break.  But at this moment in time all the pieces are exactly where they are supposed to be.  No one piece is forced in a position it’s not supposed to be.  There are no extra or missing pieces.  And guess what?…I am happy and content with the puzzle and have no plans to take it apart.

Who would of thought it;)






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  1. Love your posts Katie. Thinking about those tiny thousand piece puzzles compared to the easy kids puzzles with 12 pieces. Life’s accumulations! Makes a richer and more interesting picture. Love you

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