A Wink & A Smile


I am all about the God winks these days.  It’s kinda funny because 2-3 weeks ago I had no idea what a God wink was, never heard of ‘it’ before.  I was browsing the self help section at Barnes & Noble ( I always end up there☺), & I came a cross the the book When God Winks at You, by Squire Rushnell.  It sounded interesting, it was small, only 200-some pages, & something I could easily get through quickly.  I purchased it, & started reading it almost immediately. It was shortly there after that I suddenly experienced my own God Winks.

An individual enters my life at a time I am questioning so much, coincidences & experiences that mirror my own.

An opportunity to help women, who are struggling with addiction & sobriety through sharing my story.

A heart to heart with my nine year old daughter whose compassion, empathy, & kindness, amazes me to no end.

For the longest time I was searching for the ‘a-ha’ moment, as if a bolt of lightening was going to bop me on the head!  At times I was way to busy, preoccupied, or not willing to listen to my inner self, (always trying to control!). I was not mindful of what God has in store for me.  All I needed to do was stop & listen.  No worrying  necessary.  Searching not required.
Just a little faith, that’s all I need.


4 thoughts on “A Wink & A Smile

  1. I love when this happens. Yes, Grace. It is such a celestial thread of connection and fills me with love and thankfulness when it happens. Good for you! Love you.

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