2Years 730 days.


I’m 2 years old today, sober years that is.  In many ways I am like a toddler…. Stubborn, inquisitive, fun-loving & snuggly one minute.   Fiesty, irrational, & just a plain pain in the ass the next  minute.  Admitting this is the first step;).

So what has made year 2 different from year 1…

Faith, not fear.   Confidence & humility, not self pity or arrogance.  Selflessness, not selfishness.  Inner peace  & mindfulness, instead of restlessness.

Gee, sounds like I stole this ‘stuff’ right out of some self help book.  Truth be told I have read a lot about these topics over the last 2 years,  but I truely feel & believe that I have attained these attributes or characteristics over the last year or so.  Trust me, I still have lots of work to do!  They are not always present nor are they always on the forefront of my mind.  Just like a toddler, I am sane & learning one minute, unhinged & on the brink of insanity the next. (Have you all figured out I am dealing with an actual toddler at home?;).   Fortunately, I am able to reel in my emotions & think rationaly (99.9% of the time), unlike a toddler.

Year 2 in recovery  has led me on a path to deeper self discovery.  While year 1 was all about the why’s & the how’s of my addiction, to not obsessing about wanting a drink one day at a time, to working 24-7 on the 12steps.  To this past year really learning about the true me.  Who Katie really is…..what exactly makes me tick, & trying my darnedest to live in the 12 steps.

To be honest, all this self discovery and exploration hasn’t been half bad.  I have learned that I am definitely more of an introvert than I originally  thought.  I enjoy being alone at times. I am a great nurse, kick ass mom & a descent writer.  I am a morning person (who would of thought that after many many  horrible hangover mornings).  I usually root for the underdog & try to look at situations from both sides (which drives my friends crazy;).  I am still ultra sensitive (this can be both positive and negative).   Honesty is definitely always  the best policy.  I would like to be in a long term loving relationship, but I am also OK being a  single independent gal, (wants vs. needs).   I am  not as handy as I think I am, (I have learned this the hard way, on more than one occasion;).  My past is just that, my past. It doesn’t define me, I am not ashamed of it, & those around me can bring it up, but its not me today.  I have let that shit go, I cannot help it if they can’t, (Bless them, change me).   I do not  miss drinking.  The obsession is gone.  Thank God!  But I am not naive to  think that my addiction is not waiting to pounce, always lurking, waiting for me to falter.  That’s why I try to live in the 12 steps.

Year 2 has been a pretty good year. Lots of happy memories & some not so happy memories, but such is life.  I  do think its cool that my sober birthday coinsides with the new year.  Twice as much to celebrate & look forward to in the coming year.

So what will year 3 in sobriety & 2016 bring…. My 40th Birthday….eek!….Actually, I am ready, bring it on, I am only just beginning to live the life I am meant to live.  Sobriety will be the reason I will be able to celebrate this milestone.

So as I say goodbye to 2015 and hello to 2016, I say Thank you to all those who have supported me when I didn’t believe in myself & gave me a kick in the ass when needed.  I hope you will continue to do so in the future if warrented;).  My future looks bright & the best is still to come.


Lyrics from the musical Wicked.

Defying Gravity



3 thoughts on “2Years 730 days.

  1. Katie I love to read your posts. They give me continued hope. You have come a long way. I enjoy seeing YOU enjoy life ….even those days that are annoying which you acknowledge as you carry on. Love you !


  2. Katie I am so proud of you and blessed to call you my friend. You are right that sometimes playing Devil’s advocate makes me crazy but has helped me more times than I can count. I love you. You will have an amazing 2016!

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