Turning Sorrow into Joy


It’s extremely difficult to imagine how to feel any joy when you are in the midst of deep sorrow and pain.  Those reading this post may think I’m insane to even think it’s possible, and that’s ok, I get that.  I am speaking about myself and my experiences and what I have witnessed, including the last month.  Losing a child is unfathomable to me, I am entirely  grateful each and every day for m&m.  I reflect on how selfish I was when I was in the throes of my drinking, I took them for granted.  It is very difficult for me to think about that period in my life…. especially when I have witnessed the pain and anguish my friends are experiencing for the loss of their child.  Why them?  Why their baby?  As these parents grieve and try to understand why this tragedy occurred,  my  sister and brother In law baptized their beautiful baby boy whom they welcomed into their family in July.  They traveled  half way around the world to adopt their son.  Years of grief and yearning for a child of their own is now a time of joy and celebration.

The heartache they endured may help their friends as they grieve for the child they lost.  And just maybe, a glimmer of hope and happiness will rise again.

Grief and sorrow knows no time, but it does ease up.  It teaches us something about ourselves.  It may not make any sense at first, or maybe never, in some instances,  but joy will return to your life, PROMISE.


The sorrow I have experienced and the grieving I have fought my way through, has eventually led to many joyous occasions, both big and small.  I believe the sadness I have experienced in my life, thus far, tells a story, and if it wasn’t for those experiences, I would not be who I am today, and I like who I am today😊.

So, for anyone experiencing sorrow and feels like the sadness and grief wont ever let up, don’t give up, don’t give in.  Have hope that one day that sorrow will turn into joy.


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