wHappy Birthday to Me!


I am 18 months sober today & it’s my 39th birthday.  I guess you could say it’s somewhat of a special day.  I think what makes it an extra special birthday this year, is the fact that I am 18 months sober.  Age to me is just a number, I don’t feel 39, (probably don’t always act like it either at times😉), and I’m not going to waste time worrying about being one step closer to 40.  What the heck is the big deal with getting older?  Are there days in my life where I worry, or wallow in self pity because of my current situation?  Well yes, of course, because sometimes being a divorced, single momma, working full time, pay check to pay check just really sucks!  And this isn’t the life I envisioned for myself when I used to day dream about my future. I definitely didn’t wish to be an alcoholic either.

But you know what, I’m 18 months sober; I am an extremely grateful recovering alcoholic.  I am lucky to be celebrating my 39th birthday, with my kids, healthy, sober, alive.  2years ago today I got out of rehab for the first time, thinking I knew it all, ready for a fresh start.  I desperately wanted to stay sober, it was my birthday wish…I wasn’t ready…

Today its a completely different story!  I believe that I am my true self, and continue to learn about the real Katie, each and everyday, and you know what, she isn’t half bad😊!

So for anyone struggling with addiction, or in the early hours or days of sobriety, stay true, stay honest, one moment at a time.

It’s  worth it!

This year  I’m  not making any birthday wishes, I’m right where I’m supposed to be, my story is just beginning.


Oh, and to celebrate my 2 milestones, I am going to a meeting to start my day, and having ice cream with M&M to end my day.

Can’t get much better than that😊

3 thoughts on “wHappy Birthday to Me!

  1. Well, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY GREETING! Hope you had a great day…” Nothing is worth more than this day”. A quote we should keep in our heads, but hard to do. You have a bright future, and all the tools to see that happen. Very strong…stronger than you know. Love you and see you soon, Katie. Peggy

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  2. Happy birthday to one very special lady in my life. So so proud of you. Sending u a big hug. I had a big hot fudge sundae for my B day LOVE you. Jo

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