Attitude is Gratitude


I feel like I am way over due for a gratitude list… actually, I know I am.  Life has gotten busier, in many wonderful ways.  I have found  myself getting caught up In the craziness that is my life.  Mommy-hood, career, schedules, appointments, playdates, practices, social gatherings….it is all good stuff.  But….I find myself feeling a bit ‘squirrelly’ at times an uneasiness settles in my stomach. I’m not spiritually fit as I should be.  Huh???  Basically, I’m not doing all I can for my sobriety.  Yes I go to my meetings, yes I chat with sober friends, including my sponsor, yes I pray, and take time to be mindful, BUT, my lack of concentration and time has been lax.  So yes, I am calling myself out.  Even in the midst of my crazy busy fabulous life, I must keep my recovery 1st and foremost, other wise I can kiss every aspect of my life  goodbye.

So with that I write what I am most grateful for at this moment😊

1. My sobriety

2. The presence of God in my life today, I believe in my heart & soul that he is Always by my side.

3.  M&M, they amaze me every single day and they are the 2 funniest people I know!

4.  My family; they continue to support M&M and I, in more ways than I can count.  I’m especially grateful to my brother-law Dan, who has my back and makes me laugh 😉.

5.  My friends, those in the program and those who didn’t give up on me, I value each one of you and your uniqueness.

6.  My job.  Best patients, best co-workers, best facility, most rewarding.

7. Financial freedom, I am slowly paying off debt and am paying bills on time, something that was not happening to long ago.  I even got a brand new car a few months ago…that never would of been possible a couple of years ago.

8.  My health.

9. Self confidence &  self-awareness,  both missing most of my life.

10. Being honest.

11.  A good book.

12.  Netflix, seriously, my lack of productivity at times is a direct result, of Netflix😉.

13.  Naps.

14. Flowers, I often buy myself  small bouquet just because😊.

15.  A warm bed.

These  were the first items to pop into my head.   A bit random, but that is how a gratitude list should be.

I’m  going to try to make a stronger effort to keep gratitude lists, but for right now #15 is calling me😊

Going to bed with a grateful heart.


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