Happy Heart Day to Me

It’s nearly Valentines Day & I’ve already eaten too much chocolate…trade one addiction for another??….;)

In the spirit of the “holiday” I thought I would reflect on love & recovery.
Its would be soooooo easy for me to sulk, mope around, have a pity party, be depressed, all because I am not currently in a romantic relationship.  Trust me,  I have been there for the “party of one”, but I have decided to look at this holiday from another viewpoint. 
I am without a doubt a new & improved Katie.  I am still learning more about who I am, and what those who love me have always seen and known, but I was to sick to notice.  I am truly happy with the life I am leading now.  I would not change one part of my past, not even the heart wrenching, painful parts.  That crap has shaped me into the sober gal I am today:) If it had not been for a lot of garbage, I would not be writing this post, or even have a blog. If it wasn’t for hitting rock bottom I wouldn’t know the true meaning of serenity.  
Recovery has taught and continues to teach me what real love is.  Today real love is the sense of peace I feel about the plan my higher power (God) has for me. This doesn’t mean I’m just sitting back and waiting.  Instead, I do the work, but ultimately know that God has my back, he is driving the bus not I.;) Real love is knowing that my kids have a mommy who is present for them and loves them more than words. Real love is being able to look my family, friends, & sober sisters’  in the eye, knowing that I have nothing to hide, that I am 100% honest.   Real love is looking at myself in the mirror & realizing that the gal looking back isn’t half bad.
So on this Valentine’s day, whether or not you have an official valentine, remember to love yourself first and for most, because how can you possibly love someone else if you don’t love yourself ?
Chances are you aren’t to shabby either!!:)

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4 thoughts on “Happy Heart Day to Me

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!! ❤️ it’s early in the morning and I’m already having a mini pity party for myself so reading this was good for me!!!

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