A fairy tale of a different sort

Once upon a time there was a girl who fell in love with a boy when she least expected it.  He swept her off her feet, showed her what real love and intimacy was. Unfortunately this girl was being chased by a powerful demon who had ahold of the girl and pounced at her weakest moment.  The boy didn’t give up on the girl, often putting himself in danger.  The girl took advantage of that.  The boy saved the girl’s life, but said goodbye as he could not stand by and watch the girl under the spell of the demon or put his own life in jeopardy. Fortunately the girl was able to slay the demon and now has the tools to keep other demons away. The girl worked hard to change her life, it was painful and difficult, but well worth the struggle for now her life is filled with happiness and peace.

The boy came back into the girl’s life, she made the choice to open her heart.  The boy had reservations and was a bit leery and rightfully so. The girl wanted the boy to see how far she had come and wanted the fairy tale ending.  The girl tried her best to stay in the moment, but sometimes she would push just a little too hard and the boy would pull back.

The girl is at a crossroads; she had hoped and prayed that the boy would be a part of her life, in some way, but that’s not how this story is going to end.  The girl is a bit brokenhearted and upset with herself for making the choice to open her heart again.  But this story won’t have a sad ending.  You see, the girl can stand on her own two feet, living fully, eager for whatever the next chapter holds.  It’s just time to put this one on the shelf, but the girl will always be grateful to the boy, who will probably always have a piece of her heart

8 thoughts on “A fairy tale of a different sort

  1. You are an inspiration girly. Life sometimes can be so hard, especially facing that we have the control to make our lives better. I am so proud of you for choosing to face the hard stuff. You definitely deserve to be very happy. Miss ya


  2. True stories are the most powerful…. brought a tear to my eye. Love that boy and that girl, I have a feeling as this story goes on they will each find a path that makes them both happy and proud. You are a strong, inspiring woman! Love ya! Jess


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