Here goes Nothing…

I’m doing this, really doing this, writing a blog! I’m excited, & nervous, make that Very Nervous!  I have been thinking about doing a blog for awhile now.  I have been checking out & following some blogs to get a feel of how it’s done.  I do love to write, it’s my way to express exactly how I feel, with complete honesty.  When I write I feel at ease, the words just float onto the page.  That’s not to say it’s always easy, it’s not, but it’s so gratifying.

So why a blog?  Well why not?  I love to write, blogs are “in” right now😉, and most importantly, I hope my words can help someone, let them know that they are not alone in whatever they are burden with.  It has been my experience this past year that my situation is not uncommon (divorced, single parent, recovering alcoholic, working mom), & we are just trying to balance it all.

I hope that my posts provide insight, understanding, & some humor.  If anything, I am doing something I only ever “thought” about doing & now I’m actually doing it….that’s huge!

Now I must get the nerve to hit  Publish😏

2 thoughts on “Here goes Nothing…

  1. You are taking a leap of faith in doing something you’ve always wanted to do and putting yourself out there I think that is absolutely fantastic!! I will definitely read your blogs!!


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